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This page contains a selection of demos from various recording points since 1997. Feel free to download them and mail me your comments.

Extreme Demo Extreme Demo

The latest tune before heading over to the UK. It's got a good feel to it and with a bit of work might end up quite good.

It's only the first demo, the drums were recorded last, of all things... so its a little out of sync. There was supposed to be a new recording of it by Christmas 2000. Unfortunately, me being in England and my gear in New Zealand makes it a little hard :)

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AcoustiCone AcoustiCone

This is a very short acoustic demo. It was just a spur of the moment recording and came out really well. Its nice to listen to and there will definitely be a full length song written with it.

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Msg To My Baby Msg To My Baby

This song was written right after splitting up a quite serious relationship, it's quite personal, but not necessarily the way I feel now.

It's the only song with lyrics I've recorded and they need some work, but it's okay for a listen as well.

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The Devil May Care The Devil May Care

The second song co-written with "The Harry's". This is a more casual song, with some good steady riffs. Its also got to be one of my favourite feel-good drumming songs when playing it. It just gels.

It also has a proper lead solo, as opposed to the other crap that I spit out... when my fingers didn't work properly ;)

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The Fly The Fly

This was the first ambitious song written while in a band called "The Harry's" at Western Heights High School. The guitar is inspired by Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) as were the lyrics.

The lyrics (Which are now lost in time somewhere) were based on the old story "There's a fly in my soup!" and were rapped by lead singer and legend Taui Edmonds. I wish I had a recording with the lyrics, they were really funny.

NB: There is actually no lead solo in this song... if you think you hear something on this track slightly resembling one, you are obviously cRaZy ;)

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From My Eyes From My Eyes

This song is nice and BOPPY. Its just got a steady 16beat rhythm and with a more powerful recording would be damned cool...

There has been a lot of good support for this song, so download it and have a listen.

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First Ever Original Demo First Ever Original Demo

This is the first real demo of 'the fly' and 'the devil may care' back-to-back, but has no bass guitar. Its a lot slower than the current version and is therefore quite interesting to compare.

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